October 28, 2021

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Homeless man returns N4.4m cheque he saw on the floor, owner surprises him with instant big job

  • A homeless man never minded that he needed monetary help when he stumbled on a $10,800 (N4,437,828) at a busy street corner
  • When Elmer returned the money, Roberta Hoskie, the owner was surprised that such a person would do that
  • After rewarding him with some money, she did money and gave him a job in her company, an act that turned his life around

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A homeless man, Elmer Alvarez, found a cheque of $10,800 (N4,437,828) on the floor at a street corner. Instead of thinking of how to cash, he did the most honest thing.

The man decided to call the number at the back of the cheque. It should be noted that he has been living on the street for years before that incident, Understanding Compassion reports.

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Homeless Man Returns N4.4m Cheque He Saw on the Floor, Owner Surprises Him With Instant Big Job
The man was surprised by the reward.
Photo source: Understanding Compassion
Source: UGC

He soon found out that the cheque belongs to a real easter broker called Roberta Hoskie. When the woman got the call, she did not even know that she had dropped the cheque.

While expected that the person who found it was a professional like herself, she was surprised to see a homeless man in need of great help.

She said:

“I expected to find a guy all nice, clean-shaven and blue suit. I thought, ‘what a good Samaritan’.”

Being one time a homeless single mother, Roberta offered to help him, an act that made the man cry hard as he hugged her.

Roberta said that at a point in her life, she was at the lowest low as she could not afford shelter. She said as a single mother, a kind stranger also helped her become better.

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Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that a young Nigerian man, Julius Eze, showed people the true meaning of honesty. Between Friday night, July 9, and Saturday morning, July 10, when banks are closed, he received N2.5m in three batches.

The first credit alert was the sum of N500,000. Just when he was thinking about the surprise money, he got N1m the morning after. Eze was not out of the dumbfoundedness yet when another N1m came in.

Taking to Facebook on Sunday, July 11, the man shared a screenshot of the alerts’ SMS as they came in.

Source: Legit.ng