October 28, 2021

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Woman remembers waiter who paid for her food when she forgot money at home, surprises him with N13.1m

  • A young woman, Brittany Reed, was amazed after a young waiter at McDonald’s offered to pay for her family’s meal
  • The teenager came to her rescue when Brittany realised she had left her wallet carrying her card at home
  • As a sign of deep appreciation, the woman was able to raise a huge sum of $32,000 (N13,172,800) for him, an act that made his family happy

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A young woman, Brittany Reed, found herself in a situation where she could not pay for her meal because she had left he wallet at home.

The woman planned to pass by McDonald’s to get food for her children and had ordered when she could not find her wallet, Goalcast reports.

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Wyatt's parents were happy about the reward.
The woman said she was moved by his kindness.
Photo source: GoalCast
Source: UGC

He rescued her

With an embarrassed face, she looked at the teenager, Wyatt Jones, that was attending to her and told him that she is sorry she would have to cancel.

After seeing the situation the woman was in, the teenager used his card for her instead of canceling and gave her the order.

The woman repaid him

The mother went back and offered to give him more money, which the boy rejected. When she later got to know that the young man was saving up for a car, she opened a GoFundMe account with a $5000 (N2,055,000) goal.

The account surpassed the goal and was able to raise over $32,000 (N13,172,800). Wyatt’s father, Kelvin Jones, said:

“He didn’t expect anything he just did something out of the kindness of heart for somebody in need.”

His parents were really happy that their son showed compassion to a stranger without expecting anything in return.

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Kind man cooks 50 plates of rice and chicken every week, takes them to the street to feed hungry people

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A man who feeds the poor

Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that a very kind man, Brian Birkett, dedicates his time and energy to ensuring that homeless people do not go hungry.

Every week, the man who lives on a pension cooks 50 plates of food and takes them out to people on the street. The meal always contains rice, fries, and chicken.

The meal he prepares is an Irish food popularly called 4-in-1. Apart from paying for the meal from his own pocket, he also volunteers with an NGO, A Lending Hand, which works towards the welfare of people.

Source: Legit.ng News